2014 was our biggest year of growth so far and if you’re up to a little scrolling, we’d love
to share it with you. Because you did it. Thank you.

We provide loving homes and excellent educations for orphaned girls and boys. Then we generate local revenue to sustain them so you don’t have to. We are raising the network of children who will defeat the causes of extreme poverty around them.

The Problem

We are shifting the paradigm. We are moving from traditional charity to investment.

We believe that loving and educating a network of children who have endured the worst of poverty and exploitation is the best way to equip them to eliminate the causes of the injustice they and their neighbors have suffered. The problem isn’t just money, it’s local leadership. Many Hopes can’t defeat the causes of poverty in Kenya, but we will raise the generation who can.

2.6 Million

Street children in Kenya

1 IN 12 Children

Die before age 5

$1 Trillion

In aid spent in Africa in the past 60 years

Our Solution

Defeating poverty isn’t about aid alone, it’s about developing leaders and enterprise.

We believe that the answer is to raise up new influencers. To raise up children who have experienced the consequences of corruption, and will have the ability to influence their leaders, or replace them and lead differently.

Our immediate impact
We rescue orphaned and abandoned children from situations of abuse and provide them with loving homes and equip them with excellent educations.

Our long-term impact
We raise them to be a generation of influencers who will manage the next $1tr of aid differently.



Change their upbringing


Change their trajectory and influence


Change the culture of abuse to accountability


So we don’t depend on you forever

2014 in Numbers

Numbers in Fundraising


Total funds raised this year, increased by 17% from 2012-13


Annual Breaking Ground Campaign: $205,928 raised to build 1st 4 boys’ homes. These funds were raised by 75 Volunteers over the past year

of public gifts spent directly in Kenya private donors fund our fundraising and admin costs


Contributed by 138 monthly investors, averaging $47/month


Raised by other investors (Like you)
1,984 investors total



U.S. Donor Stats:


Matching Investments


Number of hours that volunteers contributed across our 8 chapters in 2 countries equaling $28,638


contributed less than $100


Investments less than $100


Investments between $100 – 999


Investments between $1,000 – 9,999


Investments between $10,000 – 24,999


Investments between $25,000 +


What your investments will do:


Building 4 Boys' homes in 2015


Building a school for 900


Legal advocacy for children


Rescue & Housing for 60 Girls

Baby Esther

Esther would've died in the morning, cold in a thicket in Mtwapa where she had been abandoned. She would be dead right now. Instead she is at a loving home, fed, and will be starting school in 3 years. Imagine what she might do as an adult.

Reclaiming Lives

One girl rescued from abuse and raised in a loving environment will help counsel the next girl who in turn counsels the next and then the next. THIS IS HOW WE RAISE A GENERATION OF INFLUENCERS.


Our first 4 girls’ homes are providing loving childhoods to 52 girls (87% capacity). We will start construction on our first 4 boys' homes in 2015.

  6 Infants
  39 Girls in primary school
  9 Girls in high school
  1 Girl in college


We are at 87% capacity for our first 4 girls’ homes


Six new girls joined us permanently this year

Our Impact

  Physical Healing

We provide a family environment, 4 homes with 15 girls in each with housemothers who raise the girls as their daughters, not as a job.


Annual/preventative care medical exams conducted pro bono by professionals who believe in us


Girls took a total of 180 hours of Tae Kwon Do lessons (one made yellow belt, 2 made blue belt)


Other Medical visits throughout the year as needed


Girls who had never swam before are now enrolled in swimming lessons

  Emotional Healing

New girls come to us severely traumatized and healing takes time with our child psychologist and the influence of the older girls who ‘have been there before’.


Hours of on-site individual and group counseling sessions by our staff psychologist

“Having someone open up and talk about her story is the first step in healing. When someone who was previously mean and un-teachable begins to be friendly and cooperative, that is growth. When a girl who previously shivered at the sight of any man begins to talk about getting married someday after she is done with school and has her own money, that is progress towards wholeness. That is a major achievement.”

- Catherine Kawira, Child Psychologist for our first 4 girls’ homes

  Intellectual Healing

“2013-2014 registered our highest number of candidates sitting for a National Exam (final exam in elementary school) and all of them were admitted into good high schools. The performance of the 5 Form 1 girls made me proud.”

- Agatha Ambale Wanga, Many Hopes Tutor



To help girls excel academically


To provide loving care for more girls


To provide loving care for more girls


Getting children to and from school and doctors and everywhere you went as a child.

On the Farm

To grow fresh produce and save fresh dollars.

On the Farm

She makes milk, so we consider her staff!



Square feet of rest and play space added to the roof of 2 buildings, including a small pool.


This year we trained 72 staff members at other organizations on child rights.


We served 540 children through partnerships with 18 other children’s homes in the region.


“I never thought that I’d be where I am today, in university studying law. I never thought I’d have a vision and a future where I’ll be able to help other kids. My father passed away and then my mother and I was mistreated by his family until she died. I was taken away by an ‘aunt’ and mistreated in the city. It was so surprising that someone stood up for my rights and this is what inspired me to study law. I want to help other children who are helpless and have no one to fight for them. I want to do something about our leaders who don’t care about other people’s rights. I hope you will help me.”

- Brendah is our first college entrant. In 2014 she started her second year studying law

Power Through Education

One girl who reaches college inspires every girl she knows to get there too, and her story influences those already there. THIS IS HOW WE RAISE A GENERATION OF INFLUENCERS.



Of our girls started school for the first time this year


Of our girls started high school - a record year for us!


Of our girls successfully advanced to the next grade

Big Changes

We are very excited about how well our girls are doing and needless to say, more than a little proud. This year we have made some big changes to further help our budding academic stars.

Boosting Math and Science


We have Hired Agatha as our full time tutor in our 4 girls’ homes. She specializes in mathematics and sciences.

31 Children

received total of 10,943 hours of at home individual or group tutoring.

  elementary tutoring
  high school tutoring

Launched Online Ivy League Tutoring Program with the USA

To ensure our girls excel we launched an online tutoring program with Ivy League tutors in the USA. Ten high school students receive one hour of live online tutoring every week.

Better School

We’ve moved our elementary aged children to a new school with slightly higher fees but much better facilities and performance history. Benefits of the new school include:

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Closer communication with our staff about the girls’ performance
  • Monthly exams to test performance against national standards
  • Emphasis on English language improvement
  • Philosophy of collaboration between student, teacher, and parents (us!)


of our elementary school girls scored in the top 30% of their class (43% in the top 10%)


of our high school girls scored in top 30% of class (55% in top 10%)


of girls improved their school performance over last year


of girls improved their school performance by 10% or more over the last school year

Academic Performance

Proudly, but humbly, outperforming the neighbors:

100% of our high school girls are scoring above the national average

62% of our primary school girls are scoring above the national average (miraculous since so many had so much to catch up on)

Our girls in classes 1 – 7 grade averages were higher than the class 1-7 grade average in the school, and higher than the class 1-7 averages in the county:

The Unearthing of Geniuses:

We can’t print their names online (privacy of children in our care is paramount) but girls who would be dead or worse have been able to discover they are academic superstars:


Scored by “S”


Scored by “J”


Scored by “S”


Scored by “S”


Numbers can measure some progress, however real human healing is observed not counted. In our girls we have seen:

Self - Confidence

Increasing ability to defend and articulate their own understanding of information


Pushing themselves to excel, volunteering for extra study


Growing culture of independent reading in homes


Seeking out information independently through the internet/books

Collaborative Learning

Engaging with each other on academic topics

Educational Enhancements at our Homes


Installation of faster wifi and new computers and e-learning software


Majority of female staff and visitors have some post-high school or graduate education so provide more women to look to as role models

“The girls can now speak confidently about their academic issues. They can discuss with each other, or the teacher, their academic views and opinions. They defend their understanding.”

- Agatha Ambale Wanga, Many Hopes Tutor

Constructing our school

Our own school is on schedule to open at the end of 2014 for the 2015 academic year.

Curriculum - We’ve hired a US/UK educator to design the ‘best in class’ curriculum. Unlike other local schools, our pedagogy is focused on problem solving, teaching principles and concepts and ideas. Our private school will educate children from extreme poverty along with fee-paying children from already influential families so:

  • Philosophically

    – Children from poverty have access to privilege and children from privilege are exposed to poverty so they grow up understanding each other’s realities and equipped to lead differently to how their parents did.
  • Financially

    – Thanks to fee paying students from weathly parents it will soon pay for itself, and in fact generate a profit.

“The only cure to poverty is embracing education. With the school I can dream of educated children growing up to become hardworking adults who can provide for their families. It is exciting to see the school coming up, and to know the dream of empowering our girls and the wider community through education will soon be a reality.”

- Faith Sowayi, Many Hopes Child Rights Attorney


We love to invite you to partner with us financially. But we don’t love asking you for funds for the same thing in five years as today. And so we invest in larger upfront costs to produce larger long-term savings and revenues: We invest comparably more in building a school that will generate a profit, and we buy construction machinery that save more money with each year we put them to work.


Buying our own machinery for construction projects makes your dollar go 39.5% further (averaged). Building a school to attract fee-paying families will be profitable in 10 years. THIS IS HOW YOU HELP US TO RAISE A GENERATION OF INFLUENCERS.


Many people are building homes and schools in Africa, but not many are building businesses to sustain them. We are dedicated to creating local enterprise so that we will no longer be dependent on donors. Whether it is our fish farm, our profit generating school, or our research into other business opportunities around us, our goal is sustainability so that we can generate truly lasting social impact.



We bought our own truck last year to transport school construction materials.

This is its first full year of work and the results are in and we like what they say…We make two trips per week for sand, ballast and coral dust...

Savings This Year:






Coral Dust


We Make Our Own Bricks For Above Ground Construction

We’ll need approximately 189,000 bricks to build our first boys' homes next year. Making them ourselves will save $62,370. Savings on bricks for the foundation = 59.6% (these are coral bricks we don’t make ourselves). This is $22,757 on 52 trips for foundation bricks alone.

Savings This Year:






Coral Bricks


Food Savings from the farm for our homes

We save a total of $1126 per month by harvesting milk, chickens, fruit and veg, fish from our own farm.

Savings This Year:


12 Cows =
930L Of Milk


8 Chickens
Per Month


96 Fish Eaten
Per Month


Produce Grown
and Harvested


Total Monthly Savings
From our Farm


Clean, Green and Sustainable Energy

Our biogas generator meets 99% of our fuel needs by creating energy from the dung of our 12 cows. Without biogas, we’d use charcoal which would cost us $271/month.

Savings Each Month:


Total Monthly Savings
From Biogas


Our own school is on schedule to open at the end of 2014 for the 2015 academic year.

When at capacity our school will generate $200,000 profit annually. It will have entirely paid for itself in 10 years.

Again, THANK YOU. None of this would be possible without your investments.

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